3 Keys to a successful postseason run

It is that time of year again: the postseason is knocking on the door for high school fall sports. Finally, a chance to get redemption for last years heart-breaking first round defeat, or an opportunity to repeat postseason brilliance.

First off, congratulations. You made it to the postseason. You earned the chance to extend your season and enjoy the camaraderie for a few more weeks. BUT, do not settle, you still have unfinished business to take care of.

It is time to lock-it-in more than ever. When the postseason starts, your record, statistics, and winning streak will mean nothing. Everything you accomplished up to this point is going to be yesterday’s news. It is a new beginning- a fresh start, and a special opportunity to create school history. The truth is, you will not be remembered in years to come for making the postseason, but you will be remembered for making a postseason run. So lets get to WORK!


1.) Upperclassmen must step up

Juniors and Seniors, this is YOUR moment. Everything that happens from this point on will be because of your leadership. For the next few weeks it is all about the team and bringing everybody together. The squad will go as far as you take them.

Your grit and maturity is going to be tested; so be prepared.

The underclassmen are going to feed off of your energy; you must stay positive when you are facing adversity. If a teammate is getting down on themselves, you must pick them up. Be proactive- even if that means going out of your comfort zone. There is no time for regrets.

2.) Slow the game down

The adrenaline is going to be high, you are going to feel invincible, and because of this - you are probably going to make a mistake early on in the contest. Do not panic. Games are not won in the first few minutes. After the adrenaline calms down you must be DISCIPLINED about slowing everything down.

If you are losing early on in the contest, the opposing players and fans are going to get rowdy because they want you to show weakness. Do not allow that happen. Remember, YOU control the outcome of the contest, not the opposing fans. ALSO, there is no better feeling than making a student section go quiet.

Do yourself a favor: take a couple deep breaths and smile, it is your time to shine.

3.) Fall Back on your Preparation

Russell Wilson has preached his entire career that “the separation is in the preparation.” You have effectively prepared all season, that is why you are here. However, so has every other team that qualified for the postseason. It is time to separate yourself from them. You do so by preparing more efficiently than your future opponents. Bring extra focus and energy to each practice. If you are not confident with a certain aspect of your game, work harder to perfect it. When you have maximized your preparation you will feel it. THEN, when you are thrown into a pressure situation, you will only know how to do is fall back on your preparation.

You have done your homework and studying all season, now it is time to take the test. You are READY!

Nick Busto