5 reasons to start filming your kids' games NOW

Technological advancements have made filming your kids sports moments easier than ever before. Think of it this way—the phone sitting in your pocket has a camera just as good as the over-the-shoulder you see on newscasts. Take advantage of this convenience and start filming your kids’ best moments now. Your future self will thank you for it later.

If you’re not already sold, here are 5 reasons to start filming:

1.) Your kids are only young once - The years fly by, as do each and every sports season. Capture these precious moments now, so you can re-live them later.

2.) Enjoy the moment together - When your kid does something spectacular in a game, they experience it on the field, and you get to experience it in the stands. If you catch that moment on film, you can relive the play together after the game.

3.) Memories of a lifetime - Watching your athlete grow is one of the most rewarding feelings around. Film season after season, and when it is all said and done and your child has hung up the cleats, you will have these videos to fall back on.

4.) Help them learn from successes and failures - Every video can be a unique teaching opportunity. Take advantage of these opportunities by recognizing times when there’s room for improvement and reinforcing the moments of success. For your child, its constructive to watch film of failures and it was rewarding to watch film of my successes. Both are critical to growth.

5.) Be seen - Whether you’re trying to set your child up to play college sports or you just want to share the best moments with Grandma across the country, shooting video with your phone is the best way to do it. If your kid has a dream of playing a college sport, you can easily create a highlight tape of their success with Rapid Replay and send it out to college coaches. My junior year of high school I combined all of my top highlights into a single video and sent it out to college coaches around the country. It was the only way they were able to see me play. It helped me land a spot on a college team, and live out my dream of playing college baseball!

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Nick Busto